It is very essential to maintain a clean and well-connected network of drains, be it in the house, commercial firm, any factory or even the city. Blocked drains can cause a lot of trouble and harassment if they get clogged or damaged due to any miscellaneous reason. That is why, it is very important to create awareness for preventing drains from clogging. In order to manage and prevent blocked drains, one should keep a continuous check of drains by inspecting them properly. In fact, to make sure that the drains do not cause any accidents or mishaps anywhere, there are few companies who specialize in providing services related to blocked drains, its prevention and sanitation. However, some clogged drains can easily be unblocked manually, that is, without calling for any such services. People emphasis on keeping the drains unclogged because if they are blocked, they cause foul odours, promote unhygienic environment, creates an improper flow of water and leads to the rise of inconvenient conditions. Hence, it is highly recommended to either maintain and sanitize the drains by yourselves or receive regular assistance by professionals in order to ensure functional and clean drains.

Here are some reasons behind the clogging of drains which you should be aware of, so that you can take respective precautions beforehand:

  • Nature: It becomes very difficult to maintain and sanitize open drains, especially if they are out in the open as there are many natural objects which lead to the clogging of drains. Sometimes, tree leaves, branches and other such components often cover up the drain, especially during autumn, or storms and makes it impossible for others to clean and sanitize the drains. Other than that, tree roots are also one of the major reasons behind drains blockage and leakages. They often penetrate into the pipes and then not only block the flow of water but also rip the pipes apart leading to leakages and reasons behind serious accidents.
  • Improper Installations of Pipes: Poor workmanship, lack of skills or knowledge or inferior quality of pipes are some of the major reasons behind improper installation of the pipes. Surprisingly, pipes are quite fragile and need to be fitted with proper care and attention so that they function properly. If any pipe is even slightly dislocated from its position, it may not function properly, break the network of drainage and may lead to leakages or blocked drains. Moreover, as the ground keeps shifting and moving over decades, often pipes may shift under unfavourable conditions which may also cause accidents and related problems.
  • Foreign Objects: This is one of the major reasons behind blocked drains, especially in households. There are various substances which are flushed down the drains on a daily basis in every household but there are some objects or substances which should not be forced down the gutter, be it through the kitchen or toilets. Components like soap, food, hair, fat and other substances may not initially cause any problem but with time, they might accumulate in the pipes which would slow down the flow of water and then lead to complete blocked drains.

Even in toilet drains, objects like sanitary napkins, papers and other nuisance are flushed down the gutter which leads to clogging, leakages and flow of water slow. It is very crucial to understand that drains are not the place to dispose of your wastes. Such disposals lead to unpleasant conditions, overflow of water in sinks and washroom and related unhygienic situations. Regular maintenance of blocked drains may help in avoiding such problems and promote a sanitized and clean environment. Professional plumbers can also advise you of what to do to prevent the blockage in future.